Saturday, 28 August 2010

FilM/VIDEO: Interactive Film

I was just checking out some blogs and found this interactive film made by Chris Milk using 'We used to wait' by Arcade Fire off their new album 'Suburbs' and on the first page it asks you to key in either your postcode or to enter your address it then uses a combination of search engines and google to provide arial pictures of the address you entered, along with some imagery that Chris has used as a template. This is done by a series of web pages popping up around your screen in time with the music. It's very clever, very imaginative and still really unexpected when sure enough the image above you is my street and on the images below you can see my house. What a great way to use this type of technology. I would definitely recommend, and if its not for you then at least listen to the track because it's pretty damn good.

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