Saturday, 28 August 2010

PLACES/ARCHITECTURE: Chinese Tower Beer Garden

On our recent trip to Munich we quickly realised that beer was a very important part of their lifestyle and culture. In every guide we looked at it listed several beer halls and beer gardens, this one, by far being the most impressive. The Chinese Tower, which is around 25m high rises up through the trees around a beer garden that has a capacity of 25000 people, which is ridiculously big! it is also surrounded by food halls and a nearby restaurant.

Its situated towards the south of The Englischer Gardens, which is a beautiful park sat cosey in the centre of Munich. We were lucky enough to have amazing weather the day that we went so we could explore the park and we saw something that I regards as being abit strange.. collections of Geese spending all day on the grass, eating the grass, and grazing on the grass!!! very strange!!

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