Thursday, 26 August 2010

PLACES/ARCHITECTURE: Pinakothek Der Moderne

When I was in Munich I visited the Pinakothek der Modern, which the larghest museum of art and design in Europe, opening in 2002 the museum is split into 4 large sections: Art, Design, Architecture and Works on Paper and is housed in a huge, very spaced out modern building with a gorgeous roof (below)

We had a really good look around but the two areas that were by far the best were the Architecture and (believe it or not) the Design spaces. I was a little disappointed with the 'works on paper' but certain art isn't for everyone so nevermind. The design section was brilliant though, It showcased a huge range of items from Cars to computers to wooden crafted chairs to mini home appliances. French product designer, Philippe Starck was heavily featured throughout! To go through into the design area of the museum you had to walk down a large staircase where you were then met with a wall of hanging items (shown below) with a collection of very interestingly balanced rocking chairs to sit on. This I thought was a great idea to allow people to have a quick sit down and really absorb the wall in front of them and by far the most creative of all the areas in the museum.

Inside one section (the digital section) It showcased the first ever macintosh Computers, along with the first ever laptop. What was interesting was to see the computers in-between, and see how they were constantly developing - most of the time to make them smaller and more compact. It also had a long example of printers, fax machines and floppy disk drives... (I think we all remember the floppy disk) It was really great to meander around and be reacquainted with all these fantastic design object.

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