Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Tom Lane aka Ginger Monkey was a student at the University of West England, where I studied briefly. He left a good few years before I started but came back in when I was in first year to give us a talk about his journey from being a student to becoming a freelance designer, and how that gave him the strive to constantly improve. What really stuck out in Tom's talk was how he explained after finishing university then going back to working at a supermarket and not really engaging with the design world straight away until it hit him and he's never looked back since. Something else he said is that it wasn't about the grade you got when you finished it was about the work you were producing, the way you felt about your work and about how you felt about yourself as a designer. Obviously better grades increase your confidence, but continually producing work to the highest standard you can will leave nothing but good habits.

On top of all this Tom creates some fantastic work, whether its illustrative, graphic, typography or a form of branding, his work is really fresh and really captures this modern style. Have a look through his portfolio

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