Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ARTIST: David Mach - Matchheads

I have started looking through some of my old art books from throughout college and my foundation year and I found the sculptor and Installation artist David Mach I began looking through his archives and found these really interesting sculptures made out of match sticks with the tip of the match stick creating the outer layer. The level of detail gone into these creation is phenomenal, together with the fact it is completely 3 dimensional.

One of the skulls he made was lit in a video that was sadly not available, however you can see the scale of its destruction
David Mach is a scottish sculptor who's style consists of found art objects which usually exist to serve a purpose of some sort. Objects include tires, coat hangers etc which he them reassembles on mass to create an installation. He has worked to a range of different scales from smaller more detailed pieces such as the matchheads, but also on a much larger scale using brick and creating some permanent features.


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  2. It almost defeats the purpose of creating a sculpture like this and then burning it for effect, a great one at that!