Thursday, 26 August 2010

BOOKS/READING: Colourmania

Colourmania came highly recommended by a friend as a must have book. So I was bought it for my birthday and its been a great source of inspiration and research ever since. The book is divided into sections of colour and includes an array of colourful talent from design, advertising, illustration, product design, and much more. I love the fact they have grouped projects by colour as it really shows you what can be achieved, and what works with what colour. Each project shown has a brief description of what the aim of the piece is and also tells you who the designer is, their origin and the client, which has proved to be really important as I have further looked into agencies and even the clients shown in this book.

I'm a nightmare when it comes to choosing colours, so this book is brilliant as it shows loads of different options of how you can utilize a colour to the best of it's ability! At the start of each section there is the option to fold back a strip of colour that then pops out of the top to indicate the colour of the chapter, which is cute and interactive and only adds to an already well crafted and designed book.

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