Wednesday, 18 August 2010


YouTube | dvreclama | August 03, 2007 | Accessed August 2010.

In 2007 Sao Paulo endured a ban that would see all outdoor advertisements banished in a drastic act to clean up the city, which suffered from a crushing gang culture and a mass of poverty. The city was renowned for its commercial stature yet within a matter of weeks from the start of the ban a billboard looked hollow, empty and ignored. This is when Sky took the opportunity to capture some amazing footage of a city empty of adverts. Its hard to believe the sight of so many empty billboards of which all 15 000 have now been removed.

I really like the advert I almost feel sorry for the billboards, its an unusual feeling to look at something which normally is screaming information at you against your will, and feel pitty but its true. I would love to see what other cities, that are so commercially driven, would look like advert free (like New York.. can you imagine)

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  1. This is really sad, the billboards look so sad and empty! Loved the video, the song really fits perfectly