Monday, 23 August 2010


What I love about the work Non-Format produce is how modern and contemporary it feels. Working over a range of different areas from Illustration to Advertising to Art Direction and Design. The two piece design outfit create work that really links modern design principles with intelligence and glamour. They have produced work for a range of bands in the music industry such as Delphic, Vowels (Below) and The Chap.

There is a wonderful freshness about their work, which separates them the norm. Their work is innovative and electric and really stands out. They have worked for a range of clients from Nike to Coca-Cola to The Economist. I really like the way they combine design with illustration and have a knack of using shapes and colour. They have also produced a monograph called 'Non-Format Love Song' (shown below) of the work they produced in the first 7 years of being an agency.

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  1. I love the delphic cd sleeve design! I was going to write about this too.. great minds think alike. The contrast of the bold, white shapes and illustrations is really impressive! a great find!