Wednesday, 18 August 2010

PLACES: Graphic Bar, Soho, London

I came across Graphic Bar earlier this year when I was down in London celebrating my birthday. It is a very stylish, trendy bar in the centre of Golden Square, Soho and as its name suggests it pays great detail to the way the place looks..

Every six months Graphic Bar works with an up coming or an already established graphic artist to design the interior of the bar including flyers and promotional items. It is a fantastic opportunity for the artist to showcase their work and a great way to keep reinventing the bar, keeping it fresh, new and popular. The artist who has designed the current interior is Ben Allen a designer from Brighton who finds inspiration from found elements in our everyday life,

"my work is a visual ether of thought and suggestion, a silent dialogue of past, present and future."

Not only do I think the bar looks and feels great, They have a pretty mean list of Gins on offer too. The Bar mainly specialises in cocktails and furthermore Gin based cocktails.. which is music to my ears. A lovely touch they use is Paintpots as glasses (shown below) which really makes you feel like they have given decent thought into making this bar a little bit different from your average and it slots right into its trendy area.

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