Thursday, 19 August 2010


I have only recently come across this website, which was recommended by a friend and since I have looked on it, only weird, wonderful and interesting things have popped out at me..

The website,, has 3 sub sections,

I came across a section of creative business cards and this one stuck out for the way it interacts with the audience to make it playful and memorable and a novelty instead of 'just another business card' Idea's like this really help me to engage in ways I can go above and beyond as a designer to not only create unique work but make a lasting impression.

This section of the website is filled with amazingly creative houses, furniture, food, you name it and its probably there. It pays homage to some wonderful ideas that most people think is beyond imagination, reality or reason. Aptly named 'Inspiration' it really allows you, without guilt, to visit those crazy inventions or aspirations and start the process of making it happen. There's no 'can't do" attitude here..

Finally this section as you can guess involves inventions, technology and more crazy ideas. The largest skateboard in the world, is probably one of the least techi things in this section but its bizarre yet genius creation gets my vote. Creating something technical doesn't always have to be serious and complicated. It can have just as much effect when fun and interactive. There is another clip on the website of a lad skateboarding on the giant skateboard.. brilliant!

I love the fun and slightly eccentric feel this website has and it makes browsing it engaging and enjoyable unlike some blogs/websites.

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