Thursday, 26 August 2010


As you'll probably guess I have just got back from a little trip to Munich (a very impromptu trip I might add) which turned out to be pretty amazing. Before heading over there I didn't know a great deal about the city but once there we did and saw loads. One of those things was visiting the Olympiapark which is home of the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Swimming Hall and Olympic Tower all built in 1972 for the Summer Olympic Games. When we first arrived we had a big walk round the Olympic area but couldn't see a great deal of the stadium as its almost on ground level then dips down so the track was nowhere in sight! It wasn't the best weather either so we headed up the Olympiaturm (below)

I'm not the best person with heights but the views from the top of the Olympic Tower were fantastic, not only could you see right into the bowl of the stadium but you could see landmarks from miles around like the Allianz Arena which is home of Beyern Munich Football Club (below) and the closely poised BMW museum and showroom.

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