Saturday, 2 October 2010

Black Box Press

(Source: birch studio)

"Established in 2008 by Birch, Black Box Press provides a not for profit platform for designers, writers and artists to publish their work and further collaborative projects. Black Box Press aims to develop working processes by supporting projects that address the issues of contemporary printed, digital and verbal communication"
(Blackbox press)

I came across Black Box Press whilst looking a inspiration for the 7x7 book. One of their publications (Crimson Hexagon) stuck out from the rest of the things we were looking at. The style of the book is really impressive, following a very screen printed style with overlapping and overlaying of colour and text. The stock of the paper was something we really liked too and as a result ended up contacting them directly to get a quote. We were over the moon when they said they would print it for us! I am heading down to their London studio to collect them just before the book launch.

Their website, also shows the different publications they have worked on. Check it out!!

Source: (Black Box Press)

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