Thursday, 18 March 2010

Very Studio

After walking back and forth past this pub for about 10 minutes I gave the studio a quick ring to see where they'd hidden it and it turns out its just above the pub!! I had the visit with Richard and we sat downstairs in the pub, which was abit surreal. We had a brief chat about what i had been up to, what sort of thing we had been doing so far this year etc. Rich was dead down to earth so I found it pretty easy to chat to him. Initially i went through my portfolio explaining each brief and how i had tackled each project then at the end he gave me feedback. On the whole i felt it was really positive, he commented on the attention to detail and layout that ran throughout the portfolio and was pleased with the small amount of explanation used. He suggested over the next year to define the order of the portfolio better and to maybe think about introductory pages before the Water and Door(way) brief. He really liked the pasta festival idea and we had a good chat about how that project can be taken further looking at creating Italian landmarks and making them out of pasta then putting them against a London backdrop. The only other thing he mentioned was maybe reducing the Water brief down to two slides instead on three as it was better to communicate it in that way.

Overall he gave me some great advise. We had a great chat about living in London and the benefits he has had as a designer moving to the capital. He happened to be on the same corse as Craig Oldham and know James from Thoughtful too so we had abit of a chat about them and the degree at Stockport too.

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