Thursday, 11 March 2010

Decode - at the V&A

An exhibition which is currently running at the V&A is Decode. The exhibition in itself is something different for the V&A as the museum has never held a technology based collection of this stature before. The videos i have watched have given me a few directions to go with that would go nicely with this particular collection however i don't want to be too specific with what design i choose as i want it to work over any medium and really resemble the essence of the V&A

Video capture from Recode by Karsten Schmidt for Decode exhibition identity, 2009.

I've managed to get hold of a few flyers currently for the V&A and am interested to see the colour scheme they are using. It is great to see some bright and vibrant colours and is something to bear in mind when considering my ideas on colour and texture.

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  1. Very nice,
    I agree that accessibility and humanizing of digital media is going to be very important in the near future.

    How we relate to this technology and react to it is going to be key.

    Digital is the most malleable of media, so in essence its the less reactionary without some of the human "soul" thrown in,
    like an empty cup:
    water=calm, dynamite + a lit fuse=explosive.

    Feels like im rambling, but its throws up interesting concepts.

    Hopefully I will get time to pop down to the V&A next week, good blog btw.