Thursday, 25 March 2010

Noma Bar

During a critical studies lesson where we all were talking about an artist of our choice and showing examples of their work and Noma Bar was spoke about. I instantly loved the style obtained by the Israeli Graphic designer and recognised some of the pieces from illustrations in the Guardian newspaper. What attracted me about the pieces i have shown here is the simplicity of the ideas and the fantastic use of negative space and colour to convey dual meanings and a combination of elements. The spreads are minimal yet extremely effective. He released a book called 'Negative Space' in 2009 featuring a series of designs.

As i was looking through the collection of work from the negative space book I came across these prints he did for the V&A which fall nicely into the research I am doing about the museum for my end sting project. What i find interesting is the different elements he has chose to include showing the vast range of items shown in the V&A museum. Again Bar uses colour and space to create really effective pieces of design.

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