Monday, 15 March 2010


After the presentation from Chris and Stuart from Thoughtful I stayed in touch and arranged a portfolio visit with Chris. As this was going to be the first time I showed my work to someone who wasn't directly involved with Uni I was understandably a bit nervous, however as soon as i got into the studio i felt quite comfortable in the surroundings and with Chris.He suggested I talk through each project then at the end he would then go through and give me feedback. I felt quite confident talking through the projects. It was refreshing telling a new person about the briefs we had and why I chose certain outcomes. I quickly realised from talking about the projects in that environment that there were one or two that weren't as strong as the others and that i didn't enjoy talking about as much.

Chris then went through each project and gave me some great feedback. He suggested ways i could improve the layout of a few of the pages, such as having a few more pictures of the inside of my 3D box and maybe having a large picture on A3 of the full box. He advised me of how to make a few projects stand out more. What i found really helpful is he highlighted the project i began to have doubts about when i was talking about it and he talked me through why he believed it was the weaker of two ideas and i should leave it out. This was great as i agreed with him on most of his points.

Overall the experience was a real pleasure and it left me feeling confident that the ideas in my projects were good and that i didn't have as much to worry about as i had thought.

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