Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Thoughtful Presentation

Today we were given a great opportunity to have a sneak preview of a presentation that Chris and Stuart from Thoughtful were planning for the 4 Designers Conference in London. The presentation was brilliant it started with a brief overview of both Chris and Stuarts interests, which included designers, musicians, film makers and some intelligent ideas. The image below was on Chris's list. The idea that a hamster running on a wheel can generate the shredder to shred the paper that makes up the bedding in the cage. genius!

Chris and Stuart then went onto talk about key practices they thought were key to being successful in the design industry, one notion that stuck out was The 5 P's (how to make sure that presentations go as planned.)


They then went onto talk about a few design projects that they (as a relatively new company) have completed, pitched for and worked on. One that really caught my eye was their work for the Liverpool Biennial.

Thoughtful commissioned Mat Maitland an English Illustrator to create the striking collages following the title theme of 'Made Up' The campaign was hugely successful and fed into a series of other work for the agency.

Throughout the presentation Thoughtful quoted lots of practitioners that they had managed to interview. A few quotes that stuck out were.

"Earn the right to do good work" - Greg Quinton

"It is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survive, it is those that are most responsive to change" - Tony Davidson

Overall the presentation was extremely informative, helpful and enjoyable.

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