Thursday, 11 March 2010

London Pasta Festival

Due to the amount of work we have had i have only just began to look at the Combined Elements brief again, where i combined London with a Pasta Festival. I felt my idea had been strong but was having problems with the logo and the overall execution of the idea. I started by looking at logo designs that incorporated a circle or were based around an oval shape. I particularly like Paul Rand's abc logo and the one below which is the logo for the Fashion Centre created by Pentagram.

I also took a trip to Borough Market in London to have a look at how packaging enhances a product and what impact the logo or advertisements have on the look/feel of the product.

I have began a selection of ideas of how to recreate the plate (the idea of the plate) and started to introduce typography to start to see how that will work.

What i found was although i like the idea of type creating the plate. for the purpose of the logo the type becomes unreadable at such a small size. I decided however to take this idea further and explore how it could work as a poster or a campaign. The information surrounding the river could be made up of either names of famous italian restaurants that line the River Thames or famous central London food markets. After that are a few logo ideas.

The project is still very much on going and I am thinking of creating more images with real pasta on a large scale using iconic images of London (such as Big Ben, red telephone boxes, black cabs, the tube etc)

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