Thursday, 11 March 2010

End Sting Brief

We have each been given a logo to research and create an end sting. An end sting occurs at the end of an advert where the logo appears in an animated form leaving the logo at the end. I have struggled to find examples online as they are part of the advert but the ident above is a similar style with the logo appearing then animating then reverting back to the original logo.

The logo i have been given is the V&A museum in London. The V&A is the worlds largest museum of decorative art and design. It has a mass of collections raging from jewelry, pottery, glass to ceramics and more. The logo was designed by Alan Fletcher and is already a piece of design genius. This makes my task even harder as i love the logo and don't think it needs adapting. Anyway unfortunately I'm not going to get away with that so i have started looking into what type of collections the museum holds and what exhibitions are currently on there to get a sense of direction.

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