Monday, 15 March 2010

Pat Carroll

During my time doing Visual Communication in Art Foundation. I was fortunate to be taught by Pat Carroll, who was a member of Central Station Design Agency which was the face of factory records and the music scene that Manchester controlled. I have begun to contact quite a few agencies and am preparing to leave the 'Stockport College nest' so before i do i thought it would be a good idea to utilize the talent around and get as much practice in as possible so i arranged to see Pat to show him my work.

Showing Pat my work was a great idea. He talked through every project with me asking me exactly what my trains of thought were and how i approached each project. We spoke lots about how my pasta festival brief can be furthered and the importance of making the logo work at logo size! He really liked the diversity in projects i had and thought that i communicated the ideas behind the projects really well which has given me a massive confidence boost. What was really interesting was he picked up on the 'Perspective' photography project that i was abit unsure of after my first meeting with Chris, he said the second idea was alot more interesting and i was more enthusiastic about the 'unfolding' idea so this reconfirmed to me that it was better out than in.

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