Wednesday, 30 September 2009

% Sound presentation to 1st/2nd year graphics.

Today we presented our sound piece to the 1st year graphics group and later to our own group. We wanted to present the piece solely as an audio but had concerns that the audience would get distracted with other things in the room, or other people. Our fist idea was to have the room in darkness, but when i went to review the location, several problems came up. Fire safety lights were in place that could not be turned off and the monitor the sound would be played from could not be turned off either. We decided that blindfolding our audience was the best option, and also thought that it would bring a new experience to the piece, making it a little more intense and abstract.

Presentation to the 1st year graphics group

We got some interesting feedback from the 1st years, many recognized that the sounds were from objects and machines used in the everyday life of a designer. I took the opportunity to explain to them our aims for the brief and the decisions behind how long certain noises were.

Presentation to the 2nd year graphics group

Overall i think, in regards to how long we were given to compile the composition and edit it down to something all four of us were happy with, the performance was a success. Had we have had more time on the project i would have definitely tried to define the different sounds better in regards to their percentage and record a wider variety of sounds.

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