Thursday, 24 September 2009

ESOPUS Magazine

We have been asked to bring something to a group session that we have found or that we like and find interesting, this could be a piece of design, an article, a piece of music, whatever. I have decided to talk about Esopus Magazine. Esopus is an independently run American magazine for arts, culture, photography, literature, craft and a whole range of other categories. It prides itself on its non-commercial funding and ability to interact with its audience. It is run twice a year in spring and autumn (or ‘fall’ as the Americans would put it) and each edition is unique. Esopus strives to push the boundaries of what a magazine can contain. Each issue is crammed full of different paper types, textures, rip-out articles, and collected ephemera with one issue including a pop-up page. It seems the goal is to reinvent itself with every new issue and with the flexibility of having no commercial adverts it has full reign on the outcome. It isn’t a surprise only two a year are made, as the attention to detail and craft is impeccable. I first came across Esopus Magazine when I lived in Bristol and was working on a project studying Independent Magazines and spoke to the editor, Tod Lippy of its growing success. It has no doubt been a different experience reading Esopus to other leading art magazines, and a definite refreshing change.

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