Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Design Idea's % Brief

We have been given a project to study a statement that gives percentages that sum up a Graphic Designer. The % rage from realistic things such as 70% - dealing with people to unrealistic things like 0.5% mice. We were given some examples of how other designers solved problems including statistic style information. We began to think of how we could, as a group of 4 look at communicating this information with a twist. We had the flexibility of grouping some of the smaller percentages together, below are some initial idea's:
This was an initial starting point where i thought about how this information would usually be displayed, e.g. a pie chart. i thought of other ways i could display the same message but using other objects. i soon realized that the apple did not represent design and therefore the idea would not communicate the correct message so i tried the same idea with something more recognizable to a designer.
Another idea i had that steered slightly away from the brief was the notion that a graphic designer largely spends 80% of the time generating idea's and 20% on the computer creating it. This i found an interesting concept and decided to depict 'generating idea's' with a tea cup. when i think about generating ideas i associate it with being in a relaxed environment around a table or on a sofa drinking tea and brain storming, bouncing off each others idea's. Below i tried the chart approach to convey that message.

Another idea that we had that would be interesting to progress was turning it into a sound project, looking at the different percentages and seeing how we could represent them using design equipment such as the scanner, printer, Mac icons and create an abstract piece of sound. using the percentages as references and turning them into seconds.

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