Monday, 14 September 2009

Pecha Kucha Presentation

For our presentation we were given five topics to find something we liked and didn't like, our topics were an advert, a poster, a double page spread, use of typography and a logo. Below are the examples of what i did like and a brief overview of why i chose them.
The peace poster was probably one of the first images that got me interested in design, i love its simplicity. the way it utilizes the white space and over all the idea. simple yet very effective.

This was one of many posters by David Carson that i would have happily put in this category, I find his work very erratic and spontaneous, I've seen examples where this works really well but more often than not i'm left choked 
There was something magical about this advert when it first came out, it was something unique that a lot of people questioned at the time, it created a new style of advertising. The colours and the motion mirrored with the soundtrack was mesmerizing.
The crazy frog is probably the most irritating character every animated. Full stop.
As shown previously in my research i chose one of Muller-Brockmanns many well structured double page spreads. I love the simple use of colour and overall appearance of the page, i think it's eye catching and very powerful.
I struggled to find editorial that i really didn't like, without being too unfair to David Carson so i had a look on the internet and found this,  i normally like very basic and minimal designs, however this piece seems too minimal and feels as though it lacks something.
I chose this because i love how simple an idea can be. the word eight created from the number eight. very effective and very eye catching.

I have chosen the logo for Liam Gallaghers clothing range, Pretty Green, i think in another situation for something other than an indie clothing range this could work but as it stands, the clothes are very bland with the logo presented very large, and it looks a little distasteful. 
When Craig Oldham did a presentation for us last year one thing that really stuck in my memory was the book 'Divide and Conquer' talking about the divide between the north and the south of Briton. i like the way he cleverly uses the arrangement of the words to allow the passage to have not only two meanings but two contrasting opinions.
This was more for comedy value more than anything.  Its amazing how a different font and a bit of kerning could prevent this problem from happening.

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