Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Found Magazine

I have always thought Found Magazine was a fantastic idea, the opportunity to have a sneak preview into someone else's life, not only makes for excellent reading but also fulfills that nosey parker attribute that, lets be honest, many of us have. It is based solely around people sending in notes, letters, photographs, doodles, pretty much anything that is interesting and 'found". It is set out in a cut 'n' paste style, predominantly in black and white and brings together the random items chaotically but effectively.

For the final part of our Envelope brief we have, in our pairs been asked to create a poster which retaliates certain pieces of information about our character, i have been looking at 'Found' for some inspiration as the first section will be in draft and largely in black and white using photocopies etc. I like the use of hand written information or where a type writer has been used, i think it could make our piece really effective.

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