Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A day at Thoughtful

I was given the opportunity to visit the Thoughtful design team for a day to help with a project they were doing. The day was really enjoyable, and flew by. James, Stuart and Chris were very friendly and welcomed us into their studio with open arms. We were able to talk to them about their experience with the Thoughtful 6 (a placement which included six 2nd year students working on live briefs for 6 months) and where they stood with further projects with the college and the idea of expanding the team. I asked them questions about their work load and how they delegate their responsibilities, it was clear that James worked mainly communicating with clients, printers etc spear-heading the design team, with Chris and Stuart concentrating on the designing. What was really nice to experience was how they worked throughout the day, mainly individually yet coming together to discuss idea's and to finalize design decisions. Overall the day was really enjoyable and a nice taste of how a design team operates, they were very appreciative of the work we did for them and hopefully they will consider us for work in the future.

Below is the thank you email I sent to Thoughtful and the replies:

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