Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Brainstorm item

For Ashley and Anthony's interpretation of the % brief they decided to give everyone in our class and the 1st year class one of the percentages to go away and think about for a week then bring something they think represents the percentage. All the objects would then be placed on the floor over the word 'graphics' taped on the floor. My word was brainstorm and it was worth 2%, straight away what sprung to mind was political correctness and how the word was changed from 'brainstorm' to 'though shower' so not to offend people with brain damage. I liked this idea and thought about ways i could present this. As the object had to be larger than a matchbox and smaller than a brick i knew i wouldn't be able to use a real umbrella to highlight the idea of a shower, so i used cocktail umbrellas and wrote 'thought' and 'shower' on both. I didn't spent too long on pushing the idea because of the volume of work i have for other briefs but think it was a qwerky response.

Unfortunately during the process of placing the items on the floor one of my little umbrellas was squashed!!!

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