Wednesday, 23 September 2009

% Brief - Sound

For the % brief, we decided to try and create a piece of music that would be made up of a collaboration of sounds made from objects that we believe replicate the percentage themselves, such as recording the scanner, the printer, sounds from the computer, below is an image of a 3rd year Graphics group having a tutorial, which we recorded. This we thought could resemble 'interacting with people' we felt it would be beneficial if the interaction was about design. Also the image of me recording very close to a very steamy kettle.

After we recorded a collection of sounds we were told that the sound piece had to be finished by the end of the day so we piled into the Multimedia suite to start editing the clips together. i found the initial editing of the clips very easy, I imported them into quicktime which allow me to easily chop them up, then cut and paste them into a new piece of audio, these were then pasted into Premiere and with a little help from some Multimedia whizz-kids we were able to create an abstract piece of audio which we hope the 1st year graphic student will find interesting when we perform it to them next week.

Below is our final composition which at a later date we will be performing to the 1st year graphics group. we have thought about how we will play this to the class, and want as minimal distractions as possible so we are exploring the idea of making them wear blindfolds to listen to the audio.

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