Thursday, 1 October 2009

Revisiting the combined element brief

We have been asked to revisit some of our design ideas for the combined elements brief to take a place and an event and present them in a combined way. I have decided to look at an initial idea which was never progressed to our final drafts which we presented to the class, the idea looks at a pasta festival taking place in either London or Italy with imagery made out of spaghetti.

Although i liked the idea of these, the detail needed restricted the final outcome, i decided to think about London and how i could use something that clinically represented the capital. I decided on the shape of the Thames. The river takes an interesting shape when close to the centre of London with unique bends and a very recognizable pattern, i felt this would be the best to create in pasta.

Out of the three ideas i came up with i decided to push the Thames River idea with other types of pasta to see if i could successfully achieve the same style. Below i have used Macaroni and tagliatelle.

I think they all make really interesting pictures but think the one using spaghetti is the more recognizable as the Thames River. Although they could be used in a campaign or together.

As i had to present the idea in digital format as well as in situ below is a quick mock-up of what the logo could work as.

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  1. hahaha what an epic idea!! the Thames part is awesome :D