Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Combined Elements brief - refined

After my last design idea's for this brief, each of us were involved in a group crit. The concept of my idea was seen to be clear and the main thing to improve was the logo, which i agreed with, here i have tried ways to make the symbol of the plate and spaghetti more lifelike by using images instead of drawing them on the mac. My initial stage was to take further pictures, this time of the spaghetti and plate separately so i could then bring them together on the computer. I then began trying to make the spaghetti look compatible for the logo.

I started to look at different colours and shades for the spaghetti to see what would look best.

I wasn't too happy with the way the plate or the river looked so i decided to play around with the brightness and contrast of the plate and then following the advice of making the spaghetti more than just one strand. i did this initially by taking photographs again as it gave me a better incite as to what it would look like.

I then looked into layering the spaghetti strands on the computer to give not only the impression of more than one strand but also a wavey image like water.

Final idea.

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