Thursday, 8 October 2009

The 4th Plinth continued...

When i went to London i spent quite a bit of time at the plinth and was able to witness 3 different acts which if i'm honest, were all a bit rubbish. Two of the acts i saw were unfortunate enough to be up their when it was raining heavily and quite cold so not many people surrounded them with intrigue or in support. There was a few interesting moments i encountered whilst i was there and that was of two women behind me who didn't know one another and both got chatting and began swapping stories of their time on the plinth, and their reasons for going up their. As i am continually thinking of the brief we have been set, which is to decided what we would do on the plinth i found their reasons and explanations a fantastic source of research. Another thing that i found interesting was one of the men up on the plinth was sat down and talking very quietly, another man in the crown began to shout at him telling him he was too quiet and it was a unique experience and to use it as best as possible, this again got my brain ticking at how to best use the space and time given on the plinth. Below are some images of the Plinth and Trafalgar Square.

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