Monday, 12 October 2009

The 4th Plinth... The return of the pigeons

For our plinth project we have been asked to come up with an idea or concept of what we would do for an hour on the plinth. Having recently been down to London an visiting the plinth myself i have started to think more about the environment of Trafalgar Square and what could be significant to that. Whilst there i noticed a sheer lack of pigeons from previous experiences and Laura and I began to think of ways to mold our idea around this. I did some research into 'pigeons in Trafalgar and was stunned to find out that in 2003 Ken Livingstone, who was mayor of London at the time  imposed a ban on feeding pigeons in certain parts of the square. This was later extended to a complete ban of the entire area to reduce the amount of pigeons. This caused uproar as it appeared the ban would cause mass starvation and as a retaliation, Save the Trafalgar Square Pigeons (STTSP) was formed. 

For our idea, it would be to simply feed the pigeons for an hour, with the probability of causing a little chaos but returning Trafalgar square to its former glory, if only for one hour! I like the idea that something now seen as forbidden could be executed on the plinth and be classed as art instead of crime, as the penalty for feeding pigeons corn is £500!

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