Tuesday, 30 November 2010

JPMH Portfolio Visit

My second portfolio visit in London was at JPMH, an agency I found out about through a friend of mine I used to live with in Bristol. His brother was one of the starting members of the agency. The portfolio side of the visit went pretty quickly with no real indication of how to push the projects further, which was a bit of a shame, I wasn't really sure what was the best thing to do in that situation as most of the visits I have all stemmed around the work. The comments that I received were more on what would be expected in a portfolio for an interview, and in particular the need for digital work, which is something that has cropped up again and again. I'm pleased that I have started looking at how to integrate the digital aspect of projects with the Ted Baker brief but will definitely try and set up something online before I finish the course.

We had a really interesting chat about his choice to move to London and how difficult he found it to get a job at first (especially not living in London at the time) he found companies didn't think he was willing to commit to the job until he did, which is now something I have to consider if I am serious about working in London when I finish. He also spoke to me about what their junior designer does and what is expected of him at his level, which was useful. He said that they try and keep him as connected with the bigger jobs as much as possible and give him tough tasks to manage but will allow slightly longer on briefs.

I think initially I was a bit disappointed with the way the visit went because I didn't really receive much direct feedback but in fact some of the things he was talking to me about in terms of his path from graduating to getting a job was really helpful and learning about how JPMH operate as an agency was really interesting.

jpmh showreel from Motion Graphics JPMH on Vimeo.

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