Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hort Design Agency

So this week I am completely green with envy and extremely jealous that everyone else has gone off to Berlin as part of the course trip.. However a friend of mine in the 2nd year told me of a few agencies they were being taken to so I thought I'd check out some of their work anyway and see what I'm missing out on! (I really don't why I'm doing it to myself) Anyway.. Hort is one of the agencies mentioned and from taking a big look at their website and their respective portfolio PDFs they have produced some really nice work (although I won't be admitting that to Steven)

They have quite a big and recognisable client list and some of the campaigns they have worked across have been really fresh and contemporary. They have a great range of work from print — illustration —expressive, which is nice to see such a broad range of outcomes.

I found this little caption on their website:

HORT - a direct translation of the studio's mission.

A creative playground.

A place where 'work and play' can be said in the same sentence.

An unconventional working environment.

I love the idea of an unconventional environment and this 'work and play' attitude. I don't think creative spaces should be anything less than a combination of the two - although I suppose some people work better in different situations. I think this little ethos (of sorts) really comes through in their work. Alot of it is modern and vibrant and well, playful. We are all going through the process of trying to decide what type of place we want to work, how big/small etc and to end up somewhere like this would be brilliant.

something else which really stuck out when looking through their website is the creative workshops they conduct.

"HORT Creative Workshops are not about learning standardized creative techniques. But more about exchange, exploring your own boundaries and breaking them, stepping out of your daily routine."

This along with a strictly NO MACS policy is a real sign of their capability as an agency. To openly invite people to be part of workshop which is as broad and open as it is designed, is inspiring and makes me even more jealous they are all the way over in Berlin.

Unfortunately for the people over on the trip. I think they had to pull out of the visit lastminute, which is a massive shame.

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