Thursday, 21 October 2010

The 7x7 reflection

Now that the 7x7 project has finished I decided to jot down a little summary of how I think the project has gone.

It ended with me traveling down to London to meet the printers to collect the books. The meeting was very brief and quite rushed and once I had managed to squeeze the books into my suitcase before I knew it I was on my way. I had a very quick look at a sample and all seemed on the surface okay. It was only until I arrived back at college to look at the other books that we realised the finish was very disappointing. Unfortunately as this was a book that contained a range of illustrators work there were some people pretty unhappy about the quality of their images, which was completely understandable and the ones taken to the event were certainly not up to the standard we had hoped for.

As sad as it was to not see the book executed in the way it could have been. It has been a huge eye opener to a very realistic problem which occurs all the time and more importantly understanding the correct way to deal with a problem like this.

Generally the whole process has been a brilliant learning curve with not only learning how to deal with other students, staff and professionals but also understanding what both Mike and I are capable of under pressure and to a tight budget and deadline. More importantly it's been an enjoyable process aswell, it was important for me to get back into the rhythm of university and third year as soon as possible and this threw us back into being creative and having to work hard and quickly, straight away. The opportunity was really good and hopefully we can maintain this way of working throughout the year.

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