Sunday, 10 October 2010

Come Design With Me

'Come Design With Me' was an idea born from our tutors to bring back a few graduates from previous years so we can pick their brains, have a look at their work and generally get a sense of what to expect when we finish. The night was only two hours long from 6:30-8:30 and was divided into two halves.

The First Half

There was around 13 graduates that came in so we split the room into two seating areas with half the graduates in each. The week running up to the evening we had been asked to submit a series of questions to the organisers of the night who were Lucy, Laura, Ashley and Jay to be read out to get the night started.. The emphasis was for the evening to be a relaxed environment and to try and make it as least bit awkward as possible, which can sometime happen in situations like that!

The questions were a great way to kick start the night. Within our group we asked them to give us a brief description each of where they work now or what they are up to so we knew a little bit about them, and as the hour went on the questions started to flow more fluidly. At the half way point of the eve we tucked in to lots of food which had been kindly prepared by the event team which was a great way to break up eve. It would have been nice to be able to swap groups so we got to speak to the other graduates or even spend a bit more time asking questions as some of it was really interesting. One thing that really stuck out was the brutal honest within our group about how hard it is to get and maintain a job, which is really what we needed.

Second Half

The Second hour of the evening was spent looking at some of the work the graduates brought along, mainly portfolio's but some people brought digital work aswell. This was great to see some of the work that they consider their best work. It was also really interesting to look at what the 3rd years from lastyear brought as we saw quite a few of their portfolio's at the end of last year. so there development was a real eye opener.

Overall the evening was very successful and if anything it was a shame there wasn't more time to look at more of their work.

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