Friday, 27 November 2009

True North

Today Mike Rigby from True North came and gave us a lecture, he mainly talked through his process of doing Graphic Design at university, to how he got his first job and the journey to where he is today. He began by talking through the structure of a design studio explaining the job roles of Art Director down to Junior Designer, which was great to understand the different authority each post holds. The advice he gave throughout the presentation concerning how to get placements or your first job echoed similar points by our tutors covering the need to be enthusiastic, passionate and willing when around professionals. He spoke about how important it was to take profession and pride with everything that you do and always believe in your own ability as a designer. He gave us a great insight into what to expect to be paid when we start our first job as a junior and the importance of the first few years. After spending 4 years at the Chase he then went traveling round the world spending time in several different countries, he said it was important to allow yourself a break. On his travels he ended up working in Australia and highly recommended working abroad and not to language be a barrier.

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