Monday, 2 November 2009

Container Plus

We were given a lecture today by Luise Vormittag one of the founders of Container Plus, a company that prides itself on the range of skills it can offer its clients. It began as a partnership between Luise and Nicola Carter who began predominantly as illustrators, then have expanded to photography, animation, set design and hold a 'can do' attitude to almost any project. During the lecture, Luise spoke about how important it is to find the formula that works between groups and partners, and how having the same level of commitment, spirit and passion is a necessity to make any collaboration work. This is brilliant advice as it comes at the start of our cross pathway project where we are mixing different pathways and working with people we may not necessarily know.

Not only did Luise inform us of the brilliant connection she has with her 2 other partners now, but also spoke about when they broadened the business to 5 people and the difficulties that threw up between age, experience and work. Overall i felt the presentation was great, i found their work really interesting, vibrant and fresh. It was great to see some of their self initiated projects as well as their client projects, just to see a taste of where there passions lie. I felt that she was really interesting as a speaker therefore was able to connect with what she was saying and found all the advice regarding working in a collaboration and with other people really helpful.

The piece of work i really loved from the collection she showed us, was a piece of set design for a website called the assembly, each piece of illustration is carefully either cut out or created in 3d and looks really authentic not only as a photograph but as an animation as it appears on the website.

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