Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Partners

Our final visit to a studio was to The Partners, located next to the Hudson River. The Partners is a large, well known and well credited company initially set up in London, and the most consistently awarded agency as long as it has been running. The company is over 25 years old and is dedicated to strategy and brand communication, a similar wave to Sterling Brands. The New York branch has been running for just over a year and consists of only 4 members. They are a member of WWP which is an organization set up to strengthen marketing communications by having a large client list, which integrates one another in projects and briefs and broadens the ability for work all over the world.

The presentation we were given echoed similar advice in regards to presenting skills and working with people, however gave us an interesting insight to the difference between English designers and American designers. Stating that English designers use more 'out of the box' thinking and are heavily based on idea's and creativity whereas American designers orientate on a scale that is about profit and making money. This was really interesting as from spending just a few days in New York, it is easy to imagine working over here.

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