Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Plan Of Action


The final term is just about to start and that alone is pretty daunting. My proposal however, was given the green light which is good news and I was offered the 4 week placement at Springetts, which is even better news. The placement eats in to 4 weeks of this final semester which requires a decent amount of organisation to the way I work, plan and use my time. Along side my final major project I will be completing the Ritz redesign with Mike for submission for the Roses awards in February. I have been advised to get a structured plan together to set myself a series of deadlines for before I leave for London. Hopefully this will keep me on track and make sure I don't lose sight of how much needs doing. I think this will reduce the risk of me having a bit of a brain freeze and being unproductive. It's been highlighted that it's impossible to go full steam all the time and I'm hoping my time in London will give me a healthy break away from my fmp that it won't disrupt it too much but keep it feeling fresh. I guess only time will tell. I want to be in the best possible situation when I leave for the placement so these next 5 weeks will be crucial. I'm going to set up a week by week calender to keep me on track and (hopefully) focussed.

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