Friday, 9 July 2010

DESIGN: 'Save The Date' wedding invite

So... A few weeks ago my wonderful sister got engaged. Charlotte (my sister) and her now fiance Dan are both music fanatics, they met through a shared love of the music they listen to and it has been a vital part of their life together ever since.

So as the news of their engagement filtered through Charlotte had asked me to design their 'Save the Date' card, which acts as an informal invitation before the main invites go out later in the year! They had a very clear idea of what they wanted, which was to emulate the centre label on a vinyl with the track information replaced by the information about their wedding. The label they wanted to resemble was one of The Beatles LP's which had the infamous green apple on the back to highlight Apple Records. They sent me over a list of things that they wanted on the label and I set to work.

It wasn't the hardest thing to do as I was following a clear design from a range of LP's but the pressure to design something that Charlotte and Dan would be proud of and proud to announce their wedding date on was a daunting task! I made sure I got continual feedback from both of them and gave them a range of layouts for them to choose from, which allowed us to reach decisions quickly and efficiently! They both seem happy with the way that it has turned out and it's been great to do work outside of university set projects.


  1. Love it!
    Especially the 'T's. Really good job on the hierarchy too.

  2. Thats very different and pretty one..i like the way you designed it..good work.
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