Sunday, 11 April 2010

Neil Roland

In May I am attending a wedding in Portugal of some friends who lived in Chorlton for a few years before moving back to London, and after a lot of deliberation my sister and I came up with getting them a print made by Didsbury based photographic artist Neil Roland as their wedding present. I became aware of Neil Roland when my mum got one made for the house (shown below) What I really like about the prints is you hand pick the images you want to be included. I went to meet him to discuss the print for the wedding. We mainly wanted it to be focussed around places in Chorlton and the odd place around Manchester that held significant memories to Charlie and Lorna and we sifted through hundreds of photographs of bars, streets, signs and it was fantastic to look all these familiar places but shot from fantastic angles etc. The print will be ready to collect in a few weeks so fingers crossed that it will look great!

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